Our College Ministry Sunday School class, led by Rev. Ken Wendland, does not meet at this time. For additional information or questions, please feel welcome to contact the church office.

Grounded in Grace – The world’s philosophies permeate our culture. Living the Christian life on a college campus is a real challenge. Indoctrination can subtly undermine your faith. Think of all the “isms” that bombard you: secularism, atheism, materialism, postmodernism. The culture’s expectations pressure you to conform. Intimidation lurks around every corner. “Where am I to find support and strength to fight the good fight of faith?” God is faithful. He has not abandoned us to fend for ourselves, but we must seek Him. How are we to do that?

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You can also download last year’s course slideshows as pdf files below.

Intro to Apologetics
Is the Bible Reliable?
Politics and Faith
The Dilemma of Exclusivity in Faith

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