We are a Bible-believing, Reformed and Christ-centered church. Our congregation belongs to the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) and holds to the Westminster Confession of Faith and Catechisms as our statement of faith and practice. In essence this means that we take the Bible seriously as God’s inspired and inerrant word. We stand in line with the historic understanding of the Christian Faith traced back through the Protestant Reformation to Augustine and the Early Church. And we see that understanding of the Faith best expressed in the Confession and Catechisms produced by the Westminster Assembly. Our greatest goal in life is to live for God’s glory and life’s greatest joy is found in fellowship with him.


We believe that God has made himself known in the Bible. It is the final authority in how we understand who God is, what he is like and how we relate to him. However, throughout its history the church has produced summaries of the Bible’s teaching in the form of creeds, confessions of faith and catechisms. Some of the oldest creeds of the ancient church that still play a vital part in contemporary Christianity are the Apostles’ Creed and the Nicene Creed – both of which are used regularly in our church.

Along with Presbyterian churches worldwide, Proclamation holds to the Westminster Confession of Faith, Larger and Shorter Catechisms as a widely used summary of the faith, which, though over 350 years old, provides one of the most concise, yet comprehensive summaries of Bible teaching that has ever been drawn up.

Those who hold office in the church are required to subscribe to this statement of faith as the summary of their own beliefs and commit to ensuring that these teachings are safeguarded in the life and work of the congregation.

Church Affiliation

Proclamation is a congregation of the Presbyterian Church in America – a denomination which was formed in 1973 and currently is made up of around 1,500 churches throughout North America.

The PCA is Reformed and Evangelical in its beliefs and is committed to outreach and mission both at home and abroad. The denomination is organized regionally into Presbyteries and Proclamation belongs to the Philadelphia Metro West Presbytery of the PCA. This provides a forum in which we can relate to other like-minded churches in a meaningful way.

Throughout its history, Proclamation has also sought to connect and co-operate with other faithful churches in the local area and more widely with a view to furthering the gospel and assisting in joint-ventures to uphold Christian values and principles.

The church has also enjoyed close relationships with Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia and has benefited greatly from help given by its faculty over the years, as well as providing internships and mentoring opportunities for students from the seminary.


The spiritual leadership of Proclamation is provided through Elders chosen by the congregation. Some of them are Teaching Elders, others are Ruling Elders, together they are known as the ‘Session’ and provide teaching, pastoral care and leadership for the church.

The Eldership is supported and helped by the Diaconate, along with Deaconesses and Diaconal Assistants. They are responsible in part for many of the practical needs in running the church. They look after finances and property; but they make sure that people’s needs are taken care of as well. More widely they exercise a ministry of care to those who are facing particular needs both within the congregation and also in the community.

There are other layers of leadership throughout the home groups, various meetings and ministries in the church. These are staffed by suitably gifted people in the church and all function under the oversight of the Session.

We seek to provide ongoing training for those who are asked to serve in the leadership positions in the church.