Our Vision

  • Reaching the world with the Gospel for Salvation.
  • Building God’s people as the Church for his Glory.
  • Sending every Christian, equipped for service, to live and speak for Christ.

Our Values

  • The Supremacy of Christ
    • Over all things for his Father’s glory and his people’s good
    • As the One we trust for salvation and are called to obey
  • The Priority of the Church
    • As God’s new community
    • As God’s worshiping community
    • As God’s serving community
  • The Responsibility of Serving Christ
    • Every Christian has been given gifts for service
    • Every Christian is called to use their gifts for God
    • Every Christian is to live for Christ wherever they are
    • Every Christian is to be a witness to Christ in every sphere of life

Our Mission

To lead people to faith in Christ that we may grow together as the body of Christ and serve Christ as we live and labor for him to the glory of God.