Worshiping the Lord through music is one the great joys of the Christian’s life. Some mornings, our communion with God’s Spirit invokes a reverent humming that barely escapes our lips. Some nights, our family worship unites a few eclectic voices and instruments to raise a gentle, or scratchy, or enthusiastic praise to our Savior. Some days, we meet our Creator with every soul in the church, with every voice and instrument we have, to pour out our thanks with every ounce of energy we have. In worship, our music exalts the Triune God, encourages saints in their faith, and proclaims the Salvation Gospel to the world. It is a great privilege—certainly a weighty one, and an emotionally exhilarating one, too!

The music ministry at Proclamation is an important part of our congregation’s lives. God’s call throughout the scriptures is for all Christians to make melody to him and to worship him in spirit and in truth. We encourage our congregation’s fervent musical participation at every level—from congregational singing in worship to singing in choir or playing in one of our instrumental ensembles. We also guide them to engage their whole person when making music—to make music with emotion (heart), thoughtfully and with excellence (mind), and artistically (spirit).

God’s commission to make disciples also informs how we choose, rehearse, and make our worship music. Just as we grow spiritually to love God more deeply and serve him with greater devotion, so too we grow musically so that we may praise him with greater depth. Because of this, our ensembles rehearse to become better singers and players—not only for their own sake, but so they may better encourage and lead the congregation in their worship—and we encourage our children and youth to participate in the graded choirs and ensembles, so that they may grow as worshippers from a young age. We carefully choose our worship music to facilitate worshippers’ receptivity, attentiveness, and enthusiasm for hearing the Word preached and the administration of the Sacraments. Whether our congregation learns a new hymn in worship or our choirs refine their vocal techniques in rehearsal, we hope our musical worship continues to grow in faithfulness and fervency as we make melody to our infinite God.

The Proclamation Music Ministry is under the direction of Dr. Ryan Kelly, director of music, and the PPC music staff.

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