The Bible makes it clear that from the very beginning of time God set one day of the week apart as special. In Old Testament times it was known as the Sabbath, or day of rest, and from New Testament times it has been known as the Lord’s Day. Throughout its history this has been the main time in the week when the church as the people of God has met for worship, instruction from his word and for fellowship as his family. God has given us this day to be a unique source of rest and refreshment as we commune with him through his Son and by his Holy Spirit.

What Happens On Sunday


9:00 a.m. – Sunday school/Prayer meeting (Lower Level, Activities Space)

10:30 a.m. – Sunday Morning Worship (Sanctuary)

5:00 p.m. Sunday Evening Worship (Sanctuary)

9:00 a.m. – Korean Worship (Beechwood Chapel)

11:00 a.m. – Japanese Worship (Rms. 243/245)


Sunday Morning Worship

We would ask that all participants wear a mask for the duration of the service and at all times while in the building on Sunday morning. The morning service will be a full service, with singing.

Sunday Evening Worship

We would ask that all participants wear a mask for the duration of the service and at all times while in the building on Sunday evening. The morning service will be a shortened service, with no singing.


For the foreseeable future, we will be limiting our in-person capacity to 175 in the sanctuary. This is to provide 6 ft. of distance from each other. Each week, available on our website, there will be an opportunity to register for the following week’s services. We would encourage you to register before 3:00 p.m. on Fridays to allow the facilities team to prepare for the upcoming Sunday. To register, visit You may also register for our in-person Sunday school class and for our prayer meeting. The new registration will be made available on Monday morning. You may also call the church office to register each week.

Seating in the Sanctuary

In an effort to be as safe as possible, we have spaced out the seating to provide 6 ft. distance between family units. Please sit in the pews that have bulletins in them. In the larger pews, there might be two or three sets of bulletins. Please make an effort to sit on both ends of the pews. Please do not sit in the pews with the red markings.


When in the building, please wear masks when you cannot guarantee six feet of distance between others. For the morning service and evening service, please wear a mask throughout the entire service and at all times while in the building in consideration for congregants in high risk categories. This includes the Sunday school/prayer hour. If you need one, extra masks are available in the narthex.

Live Streaming

For those who are not able to come on a Sunday morning, or choose not to, they will have the ability to join the service from home on their computers. We will be live streaming every service on our website, Facebook page, and YouTube channel. Please visit to live stream the service. Also, if you would like to re-watch any recent service, please visit the same page and look for “recent videos.” You will see the entire service and be able to watch it there.


As the service concludes, we would ask that you remain in your pew and wait to be dismissed by one of the ushers. They will dismiss from the back of the sanctuary first. Please do not congregate in the narthex or sanctuary. After being dismissed, please move out and away from the building into the courtyard or through the carport doors. This is to provide adequate space for others to also exit.