Rev. David Garner

Clear and Present Manger

On the hillside outside Bethlehem, sleepy monotony gets rudely jolted. The shock comes by no ordinary alarm clock; it is too early for sunrise and the radiance too bright for the sun. Blazing light and angelic chorus shatter any boredom in the Bethlehem borough. An angel speaks and then other angel voices converge, proclaiming the always reliable and now realized Word of God.

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Drop it. Walk away. Shut up.

Yeeoow!!! Ouch. That really hurt. Sometimes we do drive a hammer on our own thumbs. More often the hammer that drops comes from others. It is usually in something they say. The words wound. The wounds stun. The pain lingers. The defenses go up. The compulsion to retaliate seems invincible. Are you serious? Are you really going to speak to me that way? But ponder with me a moment. Listen to the grace filled wisdom [...]

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